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Penobscot Expedition Order of Battle
Penobscot Expedition Order of Battle
The Pentagoet History of the Penobscot Expedition incorporates an Order of Battle of units participating in the battle. This includes strength, leadership, comments and losses during the battle. All Order-of-Battle information is interlinked and heirarchical, as well as integrated into the maps and history.
Sample Units
  British Relief Fleet   Composition of the Royal Navy task force under the command of Commodore COLLIER that sailed to the relief of the British garrison of Castine
  American Penobscot Expedition Naval Forces  
The Navel element of the American Penobscot Expedition. comprising the transport grouip and the combat group, under Commodore SALTONSTALL
  American Lincoln County (Maine) Militia Infantry Regiment  
A brief description of the Lincoln County (of Maine) Militia Infantry Regiment that was raised in Maine for the Penobscot Expedition.
  Castle Island Artillery Group Organisation  
The organisation of the (American) Castle Island Artillery group that formed part of the landing forcers of the Penobscot Expedition, under the command of Colonel Paul REVERE.