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Lieutenant Colonel
American Artillery (onshore)
1735 - 1818
Silversmith apprentice
Antebellum: Artillery Lieutenant (seven Years War ('French and Indian War'); Silversmith; Anti-British political activist
Early Revolutionary War:Alerted Massachusetts minutemen to British movements April 1775 ('The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere'); Major of Artillery 1776; Lt.Colonel
Late Revolutionary War:Courtmartialled for conduct during Penobscot Expedition; Cashiered; Exonerated 1782
Post-War:Pioneered quasi-industrial metalwork production aiming at mass, standardized production of metalware
Comments: While a talented artisan and visionary industrialist, REVERE's military skills were quite limited. His political connections placed him in a role demanding far more technical and leadership skills than he possessed. He had a bristly personality and some of the charges in his court martial were more rooted in the personal animosities he engendered, than in actual misconduct.

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Copyright © 2010 by Craig Chapin Reed
Copyright © 2010 by Craig Chapin Reed