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COLLIER, Sir George
Royal Navy Relief Flotilla
1738 - 1795
Born: Devon, ENGLAND
Entered Royal Navy as Midshipman 1751
Antebellum: Shipboard service in East Indies during the Seven Years War; Commander 1761; Post Captain (HMS BOULOGNE - frigate) 1762; CO HMS EDGAR (Plymouth Guardship); CO frigates HMS TWEED, LEVANT and FLORA
Early Revolutionary War: Knighted 1775; CO HMS RAINBOW (44-gun frigate) 1776; CO 'North American Station' April 1779
Late Revolutionary War: CO HMS CANADA (74-gun ship of the line)
Post-War: MP for Devon; Rear Admiral 1793; Vice Admiral (Blue) 1794; CinC The Nore 1795
Comments: This was a very capable Royal Navy officer in that service's 'Golden Age.' He was an accomplished ship's captain, flotilla leader and naval sttrategist. ship's captain an


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