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Jutland General Information
Jutland General and Background Information
The Pentagoet History of the Battle of Jutland backs up its recitation of the events of the campaign with a series of notes and articles describing the weaponry, organization and tactics of the naval warfare during World War I.
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Extract from the General Information Appendices. An outline of the contents of this sections follows:
Outline of Appendices and Supporting Articles
A. Tools of Battle
  1. Guns
  2. Torpedoes
  3. Armor and Damage-Control
B. Naval Systems
  1. General Observations
  2. Dreadnoughts and Battleships
  3. Battlecruisers
  4. Cruisers, Heavy and Light
  5. Destroyers
  6. Submarines
  7. Minelayers
  8. Seaplane Tenders
  9. Float Planes
  10. Zeppelins
C. Support
  1. Staff
  2. Supply
  3. Telecommunications
  4. Intelligence
  5. Repair
D. Command and Control
  1. General Observations
  2. Means of Command and Control
  3. Officers and Men
  4. Political Influence
E. Operations and Tactics
  1. Movement
  2. Tactics
F. General Observations
  1. Leadership
  2. Skills
  3. What went Right? What went Wrong?
  4. Conclusions
G. References
H. Bibliography
I. Contemporary Descriptions
  1. Admiral JELLICOE’s Report
  2. Admiral BEATTY’s Account
  3. First Official German Report of the Battle
  4. Report of Naval Ministry to German Government
  5. Account by Commanding Officer of SMS SEYDLITZ
  6. Official British Government Report of Battle
  7. British Press (Daily Mirror) Account of Battle
  8. Description of Battle by Rudyard KIPLING
J. Conventions Used in This History