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GREENE, George Sears Brigadier General
XII/2/3 Brigade
1801 - 1899
Born:  Rhode Island
West Point 1823 (2nd in class of 35); Artillery


Assistant Professor West Point for Mathematics and Engineering; Resigned U.S. Army 1836; Civil engineer; One of twelve founders of 'American Society of Civil Engineers and Architects'

1862:          Colonel, CO 60 NY; April - Brigadier General; CO 3 Brigade/2 Division/II Corps/Army of Virginia; Cedar Mountain; CO 2 Division/XII Corps; Antietam Campaign; CO 3 Brigade/2 Division/XII Corps
1863:          Chancellorsville (Temporary CO XII/2 Division when GEARY WIA); Gettysburg Campaign, Wauhatchie (WIA); Various administrative duties during recuperation
1864:          Court martial duties during recuperation
1865:          CO 3 Brigade/3 Division/XIV Corps; Carolinas Campaign
Post War:   Civil engineer
Comments: An excellent, under-utilized general who took good care of his men. His professionalism and foresight were key to his brigade holding the Culp’s Hill position against an entire Confederate division.
Bibliography: In Memoriam: George Sears Greene, Brevet Major-General, United States Volunteers, 1801-1899; New York (State) Monuments commission for the battlefields of Gettysburg and Chattanooga; Albany, NY; Morningside Bookshop 1909