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France 1940 History
France 1940 History
The Pentagoet History of the Battle of France 1940 is seamlessly integrated with
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Extract from the History. Note that maps, Order of Battle information and other references are all linked by hypertext. Please note, also, that in the actual version, names and references to units are linked to the Order of Battle, providing instant reference to who is whom and what is what.
1. Overview
  A. Brief Description
  B. Historical Importance
2. Principal Issues
  A. Historical
  B. Strategic
  C. Political
  D. Economic
  E. Other
3. Setting the Scene
  A. Strategic Origins
  B. Events Leading up to the Campaign
  C. Immediate Precedence
4. The Battle
  A. Sitzkrieg
1. Poland and Mobilization
2. War Plans
3. Deployment and Belgium Neutrality
4. Norway and Denmark
5. Early May
  B. Through the Ardennes
1. Initial Strikes
2. Eban Emael
3. To the Dyle
4. 12 May
  C. Engagement in the Low Countries
1. Holland
2. Clash at the Gembloux Gap
3. Rotterdam
4. Holland Surrenders
5. Allied Assumptions
  D. Breakthroughs on the Meuse
1. Sedan
2. Houx and Monthermé
3. Breakthrough
4. Race to the Channel
5. BEF and French 1st Army Retreat
6. Senior Actions and Reactions
  E. End in the North
1. Pocket
2. Arras
3. Inaction in the South
4. Withdrawal to Dunkirk
5. Withdrawal from Dunkirk
6. Summary of Operations
  F. Battle on the Seine
1. Redeployment and New Units
2. French Defenses
3. Germans Attack
4. Italy Declares War
5. British Refuse to Reinforce
6. Political Maneuvers
  G. End in the South
1. German Drives South
2. Paris Falls
3. The French Army Begins to Disintegrate
4. Options
5. Armistice
6. Review
  H. Aftermath
1. Fate of the French Empire
2. Narvik
3. The Battle of Britain
4. Occupation
5. Concurrent Events
  A. Military
  B. Political
  C. Technical
  D. Economic
  E. Diplomatic
6. Immediate Aftermath
  A. Mers el Kabir
  B. Impact on France and Germany
  C. Allied Stragtegic Position
7. Longer-term Consequences
  A. Military
  B. Political
  C. Technical
  D. Economic
  E. Diplomatic
8. Post-War Effects
  A. Military
  B. Political
  C. Technical
  D. Economic
  E. Diplomatic