Pentagoet S.A. is committed to researching and producing comprehensive, detailed but under-standable histories of key battles, campaigns and wars. In order to accomplish this, these rely upon substantial graphical support in the form of static and animated maps illustrating the events in question. Additionally, they provide in-depth order-of-battle information, weapons systems data and description, and doctrinal background in order to provide the reader with not only the details necessary to understand what happened, but the context of the events so as to understand why these events developed the way they did. Rounding out these histories are detailed biographical and bibliographical information, as well as internet links to more information.

Memoria tenebus

("We remember")

Work in Progress
Pentagoet Histories are available in a special, eBook version from the Apple website, or on CD's for viewing on an Apple/Mac or PC computer through the web browser of choice.

Pentagoet Histories are interactive and intuitive. They allow the reader to drill into specific areas of interest without being bogged down in excessive or extraneous information. At the same time, all the information is inter-linked, allowing the reader unprecedented flexibility. They represent uniquely comprehensive sources of information on the events being set forth.